Jul 29, 2014
Ashley Higgins, with featured guest Grant Higgins
RYLA Recap of Rising Junior Leadership Program
Aug 05, 2014
Steve Siders
Springfiled OH Rotary Club Historical Evolution & Growth


Polio vaccinators make significant headway in Nigeria
Nigeria is closer than ever to eradicating polio, riding a successful effort to reach children in seven northern states at highest risk for the disease. "Rotarians have [gone] into remote areas of the country by car, canoe, motorbike, and even on foot to ensure every child gets the vaccine," says Rotary's Nigeria PolioPlus Committee Chair Tunji Funsho. In Katsina state, members of the Nigeria PolioPlus Committee (NPPC) recently met with leaders of two communities notoriously opposed to immunization, mainly on religious grounds and in protest of the lack of basic health care. They persuaded...
Rotary Scholar’s unique ability in bringing clubs together
In a municipal hospital in Cubatão, Brazil, a new mammography machine funded by a Rotary global grant provides breast cancer screening to women who previously had to wait for weeks before they could get in for a checkup with a doctor. A Rotary global grant also funded training for medical staff and cancer awareness education for people in the community. Isis Mejias Carpio of Houston, studying at the University of São Paulo on a Rotary scholarship, played an instrumental role in bringing together Rotary clubs in two countries to make the grant possible. Members of the Rotary Club of Cubatão,...
Rick Burns’ thoughtful approach to Iraq and Afghanistan
Humanitarian Rick Burns, a retired civil affairs officer in the U.S. Army, has been helping people in the war-torn countries of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. He's seen a lot of good, but he's also seen what happens when good intentions go awry. Take the fertile grounds of Arghandab River Valley in Afghanistan, for example. Burns recalls an initiative to help fruit exporters become profitable again after the war. Cold storage facilities were built, but because no one considered the country's spotty electricity, the facilities ended up being too expensive to maintain. "We really want to make...
Pedaling coast-to-coast for a purpose
Keith Harris is pedaling for a purpose. At the tender age of 50, he's set out on an eight-week, 4,400-mile bike ride across the U.S. to raise $25,000 for The Rotary Foundation. He's also hoping to raise an additional $2,500 for Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where a few years ago he was treated for a life-threatening heart condition. "The trip is sort of my midlife crisis," he admits but it's not the first time he's pedaled across the country. He made the trek about 20 years ago, before he married his wife, Christina. Harris has been a Rotary member for 18 years. He's...
Blown away by the realities of human trafficking
At the age of 17, Jennifer was sleeping on the streets of Atlanta. She'd felt abandoned most of her life, unprotected from her brothers and her mother's boyfriends, who physically and sexually abused her since she was five. And now, kicked out of her house, Jennifer - whose last name is withheld for privacy - was alone and vulnerable. She was soon lured into sex trafficking and was unable to escape for two years. Then she found Covenant House. "Studies have shown that if a young person ends up on the street, within 48 hours someone is going to approach them with the intention of exploiting...

Home Page Stories

The Rotary Club on North Fulton delivered a plethora of books to the kids at the Childhood Development Center in Roswell. Several members of the club  stayed to read stories to the kids.
The kids enjoyed the stories almost as much as the adults!


Bill Holbrook is a cartoonist, webcomic, writer and artist.  He is the creator of three popular syndicated comic strips (On the Fast Track, Kevin and Kell and Safe Havens)
Bill explained how a 1982 meeting with Peanuts creator Charles Schultz gave him the encouragement and advise he needed to pursue his dream of being a cartoonist. Today Bill’s work is published in hundreds of newspapers.


Patrick and Dawn Davis delighted the crowd with stories detailing how they go from idea to completed movie script.
Two by Two films is an up and coming movie and production company based in the Atlanta area.


The members of the Rotary Club of North Fulton express our deepest sympathies to the family of the late Robert (Bob) Gilbreath. Bob was a local resident near North Park and an avid runner who frequently visited the Rotary Reflection Garden since we constructed it in May 2013. He enjoyed the “Peace Garden”, as he called it (probably because of the peace pole we installed), and his family and friends have provided many donations in his honor. We thank them for their generous donations as this will help us continue the beautification and maintenance of the garden. Bob was memorialized during a service at the Rotary Reflection Garden on Thursday, July 10th.

Sam Bromberg hosted a group that toured the Shepherd Center of Atlanta. The group was given a firsthand look at how the Shepherd Center is changing lives.

The new Board of Directors was officially introduced at our meeting Tuesday. President Kristi is taking the lead, but expecting many great things from the Directors and members of the Club this year.

Sam Bromberg will be taking fellow Rotarians on a tour of the Sheperd Spinal Center July 8th at 10:15 AM
If you are interested in attending please contact Sam.

Richard Eason was recognized at the Rotarian of the Year for North Fulton Rotary - Congratulations! He did a fantastic job as Sargeant-At-Arms this year increasing the fun and engagement of members at the beginning of our meetings each week. He also created a number of ways to help the club raise more funds more regularly throughout the year - 50/50 raffles using half the deck and raising more money for charity through our "take it to $100" campaigns during Happy Dollars. Job well done!

Kristi Crockett was duly sworn in as Club President for a 2nd time as she is willingly serving as our President in back-to-back years. She updated the club on her plans for the year ahead - building on what we've accomplished to-date and building the club in the areas of club service, membership and fundraising. Put October 2nd on your calendar! Concert in the Park is BACK!!!

Paul Falor delivered an eye-opening talk about internet security in general and the dangers of ID Theft specifically. He highlighted that a dark and dangerous world exists in the internet underground. He has chosen to be a "good guy" and take the fight to the "bad guys" that do evil things.

Wall Street Journal - June 4, 2014
A health worker gives a polio vaccine to children in Lahore, Pakistan on Wednesday.
K.M. Chaudary/Associated Press


Ron Pfohl is responsible for retail leasing (97% sold out) and he was gracious to stop by our Club to update us about all the great things that are happening at Avalon. From extensive concierge services to year-round use of the common park area (ice skating too!) he shared their research, vision, and development plans. It is exciting to see such a great "experiential" space coming to North Fulton.

The leadership of our Interact Club was at our club meeting to present a donation to POLIO PLUS. They had a great year as a club and use fundraising as a method to promote service to others and having fun.

Our club's GRSP student, Luma, presented a hear-felt, year-end recap to the club. She thanked us for our scholarship and friendships as she concludes her studies here in GA. Besides serving Rotary and taking classes, she had a goal to travel the United States - and did she ever - 18 states in 9 months. Two of those trips included a visit to Minnesota with Sarah and a trip to Washington, D.C. with John, Sue and Kristi. Her last club visit was with her sister. They head back to Brazil soon.

Detective Ken Kraus is with the Roswell Police Department working in the CSI division, but he spoke to our Club about a 1-week period of time in his life when he was detained by swarms of Iranian militants. He was the lone hostage taken from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran when the Embassy was overrun in 1979. He was one of a couple dozen Marine's that tried to defend the Embassy and it's people. He shared his truly personal story with gut-wrenching detail and passion. We thank Marine Kraus for his service to our Country, and we thank Detective Kraus for his service to our community. (In the picture Ken is describing the size of the wound he had after being struck by a shotgun blast.)

BOB - YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!  Our Club meeting on Tuesday was a celebration of the man and the Rotarian, Dr. Robert L. Lynn (Bob). We ate, sang, and recited poetry together as we thanked Bob (and his wife Bonnie) for all he has done to help charter and lead our club these last 14 years. Bob is moving west, back to Oklahoma (Sooner country) to be with family. The club members awarded Bob as a Will Watt Fellow in honor of his service to Rotary and The Rotary Club of North Fulton.

North Fulton Rotary was well represented at the Down Home Derby fundraiser put on by the Child Development Association (CDA). It was a beautiful evening at "In Your Dreams Farm", and everyone had a great time.

A note from our Interact Club leader at Centennial H.S. (edited)
Dear Interactors, Faculty and Staff, Friends and family - We did it! Relay for Life on Saturday was a great success. It was a beautiful sunny day full of celebration and remembrance. Our Team raised $3,758.67 for the American Cancer Society. The total numbers are not in yet, but as whole Relay for Life of Roswell raised approximately 89,000 for the American Cancer Society.
A big thank you to our team who walked, to our teachers for walking and being there with us, and to the Rotary Club of North Fulton for their generous support, friendship and guidance of our Club. I’d like to thank my personal friends for their continued support of our team including Mrs. Adamson (Sarah) for providing water and baking those yummy brownies during our bake sales.
Ms. Marcelle Male

We held our Club meeting at North Park for two reasons, 1) to celebrate the three club projects we have completed there in partnership with the City of Alpharetta and 2) to kick-off the 2nd annual Memorial Brick Campaign for our Rotary Reflection Garden. Mike Perry was in attendance from the City, and we enjoyed lunch next to our Club's Rotary Centennial project built in 2004, the Miracle League Playground.
The 2014 Brick Campaign runs for 5 weeks through May 27th. We are selling additional engraved bricks to be placed in the existing paved space (we will pull out a plain brick and replace it with a new engraved brick). Information about the Garden is available on our website down the left side - look for Rotary Reflection Garden. Our goal is to sell 10 additional bricks - please help spread the word and/or buy a brick to add to the garden yourself. Bricks are normally $100 each; but as a SPECIAL INCENTIVE all orders received by May 13 are discounted to $75 each (paper form only including payment).


Mayor Bell Isle provided an inspiring talk at this weeks meeting. He emphasized two areas that Alpharetta is working on - connecting the people within the community through food, music, and fun in the downtown area, as well as building on the city's strength as the Technology City of the South to encourage more firms to locate here. We already have 600 technology firms within the city limits with room to grow.

We welcome our newest member of the Rotary Club of North Fulton, David James. David is a Mortgage Broker and family man. We welcome him to the club. He was invited to join Rotary by Steve Siders.

Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 Jan 2011

“Indiana Blake and Rotarians on the Next Crusade”
April 25-27, 2014
Come one, come all! San Destin, FL awaits!  www.rotarydistrict6900.org
On-line registration will close at midnight on April 21, 2014. 
The rate increases to $225 on April 1.
Theme night is “Indiana Blake and Rotarians on the Next Crusade”.

Lonnie Mimms and Thereze Almstrom told RCNF about their impressive collection of vintage commuters and stories of the early days of computing.

Come out and support our club's Interact Club at Centennial HS!!!  Invite a friend or another family and support a great cause when you have dinner at El Potrillo (8465 Holcomb Bridge Rd | 678-242-1192) each Wednesday until March 31. Mention Rotary Club or Centennial Interact Club to your server. Proceeds from your bill will go towards the Centennial High School Relay for Life fundraising team.

Strib Stribling from Heart for Africa gave a very passionate talk about all the progress being made in Swaziland. The Rotary Club of North Fulton is partnering with Heart for Africa on two projects. The first is a new Dam that will be used for irrigation of crops and raising Tilapia. Read more  The second project is a new medical clinic that will provide local residents with medical care. Our donation will fund the clinic's operations for the first year. Strib gave a special thanks to the Past President John Bach, Past President  Ben Hunter and the late Kathy Myers for all their help and support.

Our club's annual visit to the Roswell Senior Center was cancelled due to the winter storm. Look for updates on when it is rescheduled.

Karen shared her insightful thoughts about
 what is  wrong with Washington D.C. and how to fix it.. 

Christy Merritt from The Drake House visited RCNF and shared recent developments as well as the history of how the organization was founded by enterprising members of Leadership North Fulton

Dr. Ira Harrison visited RCNF on MLK Day and shared his experiences as a civil rights activist during that era, including being in attendance at Dr King's famous  'I Have a Dream' speech

Simone du Boise of Cadmus Constuction explained the many benefits of building green. We learned the cost of construction is similar to using conventional materials, but the energy savings are significant. Her firm utilizes net-zero energy practices.

Jim shared great western stories with us and showed off his incredible gun handling skills. Jim also told the club about the world class Booth Western Museum.

Our club’s annual Holiday Party was a great success again this year. The Holiday spirit was abundant as our generous members raised over $1500 in gift cards and donations for The Drake House’s immediate technology needs. Dinner was delicious, the festive games were a lot of fun, and the competitive white elephant gift exchange didn’t disappoint.


Rotary of North Fulton is pleased to induct two new members! Amanda Daiber and Alec Dudley

Rotarian Bo Wagner, wife Susie and daughter Julia volunteering for the NFCC Thanksgiving event. Thousands of cans were sorted and will make many families happy this Thanksgiving!

Earlier this week, RCNF received its banners from The Rotary Foundation in recognition of providing the highest contributions to the Annual Programs Fund in the District during the previous Rotary year. On hand to receive the banners were Past President Hunter, Past District Governor Greenway, District Foundation Chairman McKimie, President Crockett, and Foundation Director Mudd.

  1. We are pleased to have District Foundation Chairman Ray McKemie with us today to introduce RCNF's newest Major Donor, Rotarian Michael Mitchell!

The Rotary Club of North Fulton is having a multi-family garage sale Saturday, November 16, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at The Pavilion at Willow Springs in Roswell, GA.

Proceeds will benefit the causes supported by the Rotary Club of North Fulton, including but not limited to: Habitat for Humanity, Child Development Association, Roswell Senior Center, Canine Assistants, North Fulton Community Charities and End Polio Now of Rotary International.

Come garage-sale shop with us!

The Pavilion at Willow Springs
10579 Roxburgh Lane
Roswell, GA 30075

On Tuesday September 24 the officers for the Centennial High School Interact Club visit our weekly club meeting.
  1. Rotary is all about giving back. Today, we presented the Shepherd Center's SHARE program with two iPads that will be used in the treatment of our military veterans suffering from various combat injuries including PTSD and mTBI. The iPads were purchased locally and funded by our District Grant.

U.S. Representative Tom Price visits Rotary of North Fulton.

  1. RCNF received special recognition at the Foundation Seminar for leading the District in Foundation giving during President Ben's year. The club was presented with a special portrait collage featuring club members and projects throughout the years including our late club member, Kathy Myers.

  1. The Dedication Ceremony for the Rotary Reflection Garden at North Park. Special thanks to District Governor Cheryl Greenway, visiting Rotarian's, and Mayor Belle Isle and others from the City of Alpharetta for joining us today!

Ambassador Andrew Young Delighted the crowd at our annual Prayer Breakfast today at the Metropolitan Club

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